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K2 Demo Line Up

About The Demo Program

There are five different K2 landscape boards that customers may take out for a day of riding. There is NO COST associated with this initiative. Customers can email or call the store and let staff know that they would like to try out one of the boards listed below. Squire John's will take care of setting up the board with your own bindings. All that is required is some ID and a credit card on file to complete the rental agreement. No charges will be applied to the credit card, unless the board is not returned!

If you are interested in trying out one of these boards please email Nate or Matt and they can help you arrange a day to demo the board of your choice!

K2 Locker Landscape Snowboard Collection


ANTIDOTE (157 + 158W) | ALCHEMIST (157 + 159W)

EXCAVATOR (154 + 158) | MANIFEST (156 + 158) | PASSPORT (149 + 157)

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About The 2024 Landscape Collection

Since the beginning, the soul of K2 Snowboarding has resided deep in the mountains. The exploration of new terrain and bigger lines drove innovation, always putting the performance of our product at the center of our brand.

We've dedicated our time, resources, and brainpower to
developing product that provides the best possible on-snow experience. Snowboards that harness the feeling of freedom and excitement that comes from discovering new terrain.

Freeriding is not just one thing. It is a mindset. A mindset built around exploration, discovery, progression, engaging your side cut, finding the perfect turn, grabbing your board, the list goes on…

Harnessing that mindset, K2 Snowboarding proudly introduces The Landscape Collection. This collection of snowboards was developed to represent every freerider, every riding style, and truly embodies our outlook on the freeride category.

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