VIP Program

Welcome to Squire John's VIP Program!

Squire John’s V.I.P. Program provides a fast and convenient way to shop at any of our locations by purchasing on account while enjoying the additional benefits of discounts and rewards.

The V.I.P. Program offers three levels of participation

Category  Deposit Discount
Bronze $1000-2499 10%
Silver $2500-4999 15%
Gold $5000 & up




If your deposit is made before October 17, 2021 you will be entered into a draw to WIN 1 of 3 $500.00 Squire John's Gift Cards. 

We offer VIP’s perks at ski resorts we partner with, Big White, CMH and Jackson Hole. Contact Mark at if you would like information.

Please note:

  1. Initial deposits must be made by October 31, 2021. Deposits will be accepted by cash, cheque, Interac or credit card. 
  2. In order to participate in the V.I.P. Program, Squire John’s must have your credit card on file. Any charges to your account in excess of your initial deposit will automatically be applied to your credit card. We will notify you by email when the charges have been applied. You still receive your discount on purchases over your original deposit.
  3. Your V.I.P. discount may be applied to sale items to a maximum of 30% discount.
  4. VIP Discounts do not apply at the Tent Sale, Thanksgiving Sale, Barbeques or Bicycles.
  5. VIP Discounts are not applied on top of Race discounts.

Any outstanding amounts owing on your V.I.P. account must be paid before this year’s deposit is made. The level of discount you are eligible to receive is determined by the amount of your first deposit in the current year combined with any credit you might have left.

To serve you better it is imperative we have all your current information. Please fill out the VIP information sheet and start shopping!

Please do not hesitate to contact Mark Andersen (VIP program info - or Christine Morrad (VIP account balances - at 705-445-4606/1-800-303-1334 if you have any questions.


John, Shane and Mark